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tereoland servicing the Twin Cities metro for over 46 years has earned a reputation for offering the best products at competitive prices with an emphasis on personalized service.

Visit our showroom, experience our vast selection of quality home theater and two channel audio, experience true old-fashioned one on one personalized service, and experience low competitive pricing.

What's New

Hegel audio

Hegel Audio 

Stereoland is proud to introduce the Twin Cities to Hegel Audio of Oslo, Norway
Hegel offers a full line up of high performance CD players, DACs, Integrated amplifiers, power-amps, Pre-amps and more. We invite you to experience Hegel,s high performance.

Oppo Players

Oppo BDP-103D and BDP-105D

Darbee Visual Presence“It’s like lifting a veil.”  Darbee’s Visual Presence™ technology establishes a fundamental breakthrough for image realism. By embedding stereoscopic depth information generated from a patented human-vision-based model into 2D or 3D video, it provides greater clarity and increases the perception of depth resulting in a more dynamic, lifelike experience. The amount of processing is adjustable, allowing you to customize the visual enhancement to your particular taste. More information about Darbee’s Visual Presence™ technology can be found here

New Martin Logan Crescendo

New Martin Logan Crescendo

Martin Logan’s new high performance wireless audio system. You want high performace sound, you want ease of use, you want to stream all your favorite music, you want good looks. The Martin Logan Crescendo has it all. Introducing Crescendo, a powerful and precise premium wireless speaker system, featuring dual audiophile quality Folded Motion™ tweeters and a 5×7-inch mid/bass woofer for a deep, extended bass response. The Crescendo is capable of reproducing sound with unflinching accuracy, resolution, and detail—the inspiration behind every Martin Logan design. Our dedicated in-house design and engineering team created the ultimate table-top speaker system in a sleek, compact design without compromising sound quality. Taking a “no-compromise” approach, the Crescendo features premium construction and design elements not typically found in similar speakers. Now in store on display

New GoldenEar Center X & XL

New GoldenEar Center X and XL

GoldenEar’s all new center channel speakers feature all of GoldenEars high performance designs working in symphony to bring you clear rich detailed sound at an extreemely affordable price. Choose from two sizes the Center X or the Center XL. In our showroom now !  Center X Center XL


In-Store Specials

You know we offer the best audio and home theater. All specials are limited to quantity in stock. Check back often specials change weekly.

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Wild Bill's Specials

Here you will find a listing of close-outs, demos, and overstocks. You know the brands we offer are among the best in the business. If Wild Bill --

includes them on this list you know they are priced to move FAST! No time to ask your wife for permission, here today gone tomorrow. Call (952) 829-9700 or visit our store

Pre-Owned and Consignment

Here you will find a list of pre-owned and conignment products. All pre owned gear is sold with a 30 day warranty. All used consignment --

pieces are sold as is with no warranty. If you purchase a consignment piece you will have three days to check it out to make sure it is working. Call (952) 829-9700 or visit our store

Demo- Open Box & Closeouts

Save big on a large selection of demos, open box and close-outs. All sold with full manufactures warranty. Hurry when they are gone they are gone!

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Two Channel Stereo

Two channel stereo is alive and well at Stereoland. We offer a great selection of two channels stereo products. Amplifiers, Pre-amps, --

Turntables, DACs, Speakers, Headphones and cables. We have close to 50 years experience and we are happy to share it with you. Call (952) 829-9700 or visit our store