Articles for the Month of January 2017

Awesome Headphone Selection at Stereoland

Awesome headphone selection at Stereoland. One of the most popular consumer electronics items recently is high performance headphones. Stereoland has beefed up their selection to include a number of the top rated models. New arrivals include AudioQuest NightOwl, AudioQuest NightHawk. Focal Elear, Focal Utopia, Grado GS2000e. Currently Stereoland has over 20 models on display from AudioQuest  Audeze Focal Grado Paradigm Oppo and Sony. prices range from $79 a pair up to over $4000 a pair.  Stereoland has been offering Grado headphone priced $79 to $1599 for more than 20 years. In the last year we have introduced Audeze and Focal to the Twin Cities. Stereoland also offers a great selection of headphone amplifiers from Grado, Marantz and Oppo. A headphone amplifier will boost the output signal to deliver greater dynamics. The Audeze and Oppo models feature planner drivers, planner drivers will sound very detailed, smooth and dynamic, they will also benefit from an increased amount of amplification.  

Audeze LCD 2 Headphones at Stereoland Bloomington MN

Audeze LCD 2 Headphones

It is amazing how wonderful music can sound with a good pair of headphones, usually at a fraction of what comparable loudspeakers might cost. We invite you to bring some of your own music in for a listen. Many of our customers set up home headphone listening stations or areas. Think about finding a quiet spot in your home to sit in your favorite recliner, maybe a lamp for reading. a table to set your favorite beverage. Shut yourself off from the world for a little while, relax and enjoy your favorite music. 

AudioQuest Nighthawk Headphones on sale at Stereoland Bloomington Minnesota

AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones

Focal Utopis headphones at Stereoland Bloomington MN

Focal Utopia Headphones

Most customers listen to their headphones through their stereo set up, many are using their headphones with their smartphones or higher-end portable music players. Take a pair of Focal Utopia headphones and play some Hi-Res through an Astell & Kern AK380 and you will surely have audio nirvana